I'm Sarah.
Liberal. Pro-Choice
Equestrian. Equestrian
Ringer. (Lord of the Rings Fan)
Reader. Bookworm
Future Licensed Mental Health Counselor, OR Elementary School Teacher. Not sure yet.

I love reading, writing, horseback riding, art journaling, the internet, vlogging, photography, baking, psychology, sociology, Korean fashion, etc...

My favorite musicians are Reina del Cid, Laurena Segura, and APink

Favorite movies/tv shows: Studio Ghibli films, Lord of the Rings, Southland, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Modern Family, Arthur, Sherlock, The Twilight Zone, Toradora, Azumanga Daioh... but mostly I watch youtube.
Favorite youtubers: Katytastic, booksandquills, bandgeek8408, TGReadingMethod, Little Book Owl, ElizzieBooks, Jennibellie, Hayley G Hoover, Tyler Oakley, Kristina Horner, Joseph Birdsong, etc...

Favorite Books: The Diary of Anne Frank, The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan, Tales From the Secret Annex by Anne Frank, Scars by Cheryl Rainfeld, Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, Yotsuba&! by Kiyohiko Azuma, Beka Cooper by Tamora Pierce, and many more.

Things I care about: equality of the sexes, LGBTQ rights, abortion and other reproductive rights, support for survivors of rape/assault/trauma, education, politics, religious freedom, making sure children maintain a love of learning and creativity throughout their lives, supporting those with mental illness, and many, many other important issues. Basically, I care about people <3

I wish all teachers were like my US History professor…

History is the only class I like this semester, but only because of the teacher. He just makes it so engaging and interesting! He doesn’t just give you a list of events and names, he puts faces on those names and tells how they felt and what they believed. Like today he read aloud true court transcripts of testimonies of teenagers who had worked in mills in the 1800’s as children, telling how they worked 14 hours a day and were beaten by their overseers. I was nearly in tears!

He tells the lesson like a gripping story and gets so into it! You can tell he’s passionate about what he teaches. I don’t think a lot of teachers feel that way about what they’re teaching. It’s really an enjoyable class that always grabs and holds my attention, though I nearly always leave feeling very sad.

And that is because he talks about topics like slavery and child labor not in a detached “that’s just history” way, but in a way that makes you feel something. He speaks about it like we would today talk about current issues like child abuse or all of the genocide going on. He makes you feel something about the topics, makes you relate to the people who lived during those time periods. He shows that they were people, and that we should care because we’re people too, and must learn from the past.


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    "Teachers who love teaching teach students to love learning." The world needs more of these teachers.
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    That is the type of teacher I am talking about who deserves what they are paid. Ones who engage a student and get the...
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    My history teacher in year 11 and 13 are like this. They’re the best teachera at school. Unfortunately, one of them left...
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